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A pair of one act plays by David Tristram, regaling the dramatic efforts of the Little Grimley Drama group.

“Last Tango in Little Grimley” is a comedic play set in the small, quirky village of Little Grimley. The once-thriving local drama society is facing a major crisis due to dwindling audiences and financial struggles. Determined to revive the group’s fortunes, the eccentric members decide to put on a controversial and risqué production in a desperate bid to attract attention and fill the empty seats.

Full of wit, farcical situations, and unexpected twists, “Last Tango in Little Grimley” is a hilarious exploration of the lengths people will go to save what they love, even if it means pushing boundaries and embracing chaos.

“Murder in Little Grimley” is a thrilling murder mystery play set in the quaint village. However, things quickly take an unexpected turn when a real murder takes place within the village, mirroring the events of their play. The drama society members find themselves unwittingly caught up in a genuine murder investigation, with their amateur acting skills put to the test as they attempt to solve the crime and clear their own names.

With witty dialogue, slapstick humour, and a dash of farce, “Murder in Little Grimley” offers a delightful and light-hearted take on the classic murder mystery genre. As the truth behind the murder slowly unravels, audiences will find themselves laughing and guessing along with the characters, enjoying the playful twists and turns that make this play a memorable and entertaining experience.

This amateur production is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals Ltd. on behalf of Samuel French Ltd.

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