Dr Faustus.

John Faustus, a Doctor at the University of Wittenberg feels he has mastered every subject he has studied and so turns to necromancy. On a stormy night he summons Mephistophilis, a demon of Lucifer, and attempts to bind her to his service. She is unable as she already serves Lucifer and so Faustus agrees to strike a pact with Lucifer in which he agrees that if Mephistophilis serves him for 24 years he will give his body and soul to Lucifer and thereafter remain in hell forever more.

Faustus starts to regret his decision, and so Lucifer and Beelzebub frighten him into obedience to their pact, distracting him by entertaining him with the Seven Deadly Sins.

Although Faustus gains great fame for his newly found powers, he uses them only for practical jokes rather than doing anything of note to the extent that after the 24 years have almost passed he realises that he has given up his soul for nothing.

Despite trying to repent at the last minute and begging the devils for mercy, Faustus’ time is up and he is dragged down to hell.

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