Generations Apart

Written by Peter Gordon, and directed by Anne Ottaway.

Set on a cliff top in the Isle of Wight, both in 1969 and 1996.

Having met Anne in 1969 during the week of the Summer of Love music festival, Paul decides to shed his conservative life on the island, rejecting his parents and fiancée to run off with Anne to her commune on the mainland. A heart attack by his father Albert forces him to reconsider, and despite promises of joining Anne later, it’s apparent he will stay.

In 1996, a chance encounter with Anne who is visiting the island with her own daughter, leads Paul back into his past and the flames of romance slowly rekindle – but not without seemingly insurmountable obstacles in their path, not least of which is the growing attachment between Paul’s son Al and Anne’s daughter Julie.

The parallels between Paul’s past relationship with his father and his current relationship with his own son become apparent, as each generation grapples with similar problems and difficulties to the one before in this poignant and humorous look at how the events of one week in 1969 affect three generations of the same family.

This was an 8 player one with Tom Horsington, Harriet Still, Felicity Morgan, Steve Twinn, Ian Farley, Monica Hunt, Ellie Martin and Jonny White.

Generations Apart

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