Video of the Dress rehearsal

Dorchester Drama Dress Rehearsal performance of Treasure Island adapted by Ken Ludwig at the Corn Exchange Dorchester November 2009 (apologies for some of the quality of the recording in the second act):

Part one: The Killing of Captain Flint

Part two: The Admiral Benbow Inn

Part three: Black Dog cathces up with Billy Bones

Part four: Blind Pew delivering the black spot

Part five: The deaths of Billy Bones and Blind Pew

Part six: Jim and the Squire meet Long John Silver

Part seven: On Board the Hispaniola

Part eight: Peeling potatos

Part nine: the apple Barrel

Part ten: Battle on the Hispaniola

Part eleven: Ben Gunn

Part twelve: Battle at the stockade

Part thirteen: On board the Hispaniola

Part fourteen: The capture of Jim

Part fifteen: In search of treasure

Part sixteen: The Finale