Dickens Children

The prologue “Dickens’ Life” by Dee Thorne was created with the much appreciated help of Sue Worth’s research of Dickens’ life and works, and Alban Obrien’s advice on Dickens’ autobiography. 

1858 is a significant year for partings, and readings to the public by Dickens, but dramatic licence has been used for his father, who died several years before, and his mother who would have been suffering from dementia.

You will hear the voices of Dickens’ characters in the dialogue of his family; flamboyant Mr and Mrs Macawber in his mother and father, and ironic, bitter Miss Dartle in his wife.

“Dickens’ Children” by playwright and screenwriter, Nick Warburton, is an ingenious mix of touching, provocative and comic characters from Dickens’ novels with narration via Dickens as himself  and through his dream voices.

The epilogue, “Dickens’ Hopes”, devised by Dee Thorne, depicts Scrooge’s transformation from a self-centred miser to a generous philanthropist, where Dickens gives hope that the plight of children can be alleviated.

Dickens Children was performed at Dorchester Town Hall 29th & 30th March 2019.