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“A Tomb with a View”

Rehearsals have begun and the play has been cast.

Hamilton Penworthy will be played by Trevor Williams, who is also directing. Lucien Tomb is played by Ian, who is new to Dorchester Drama but comes to us with lots of experience. Emily Tomb is taken on by Lee Stroud, Monica Tomb by Stella Hollis and Dora Tomb will be Felicity Morgan. Perry will be Rob Sansom, Freda/Amy by Monica Hunt and Agatha the housemaid by Anne Ottoway.

With the nurse Anne being taken on by Naomi Phillips and Marcus Tomb by Andrew Munro, members fresh from the Dorchester Community Play, this is a play with lots of new talent and old experience, full of larger than life characters for the players to get their teeth into.

A Decision has been made………..

At last, It’s decided to be “A Tomb with a View”.

As always seems the case, we’re desperately short of blokes, males and men for the play. So there’s another chance for casting this coming Wednesday, 11th Sep.

Sunninghill community centre 19:30.

Old man Tomb is dead. Trusted Lawyer Penworthy pours himself a drink amid the howls from the resident werewolf Oliver Tomb who is never seen, only heard as he’s locked safely away down in the family vaults. The other members of the Tomb family however live very much above ground.

Lucien Tomb tinkers in his laboratory insisting that he’s the head of the family and quite enjoys dwindling the wildlife numbers with his potions. Dora Tomb on the other hand goes for the slightly larger model and ‘tops’ humans (don’t touch the sherry). Emily Tomb dresses as a man and bosses everyone she can and has a mouth on her like a foghorn.

Then we have Marcus Tomb strutting his stuff in a toga. He is completely bonkers and believes he’s Julius Caesar. And last but not least, Monica Tomb is a big girl. Let’s say she wouldn’t sink in the local swimming baths! She loves men and could eat a whole one, not literally of course but would have a good try at mouth to mouth.

This not-so-bereaved bunch are gathering impatience as the reading of the Will is nigh. Penworthy has just announced that before the old boy’s money gets shared out amongst the siblings, family nurse and the housekeeper there is to be another beneficiary, a romantic novelist. Miss Ash arrives later that morning with her
secretary Peregrine Potter.

Synopsis credit to BBC Lincolnshire.


Last minute reminder.

Casting is Wednesday evening (3/9/14). The play will either be “Tomb with a View” or Alan Ayckbourn’s “Neighbourhood Watch”.

Tomb with a View – In a sinister old library presided over by a portrait of a grim faced, mad-eyed old man, a dusty lawyer reads a will involving a vast fortune to an equally sinister family. One has werewolf tendencies, another wanders around in a toga of Julius Caesar, and a third is a gentle old lady who plants more than seeds in her flowerbeds…
Neighbourhood Watch – An innocent mistake on an estate leads to an alarming escalation of events as the residents of Bluebell Hill Development takes extreme measures to protect themselves.

Come along and have a go, both will be cracking plays to do and I wouldn’t want to choose between them.

If you cannot make it, but still fancy a part, let someone on the committee know and they’ll pass the message on.

Also please remember we need help with the set, front of house etc. If you don’t fancy treading the boards this time, come along to help out and see how things run in the background.