Video of Production 1st Night performed at the Corn Exchange

Clip 1: The Victorian Choir

2: Jacob Marley’s Funeral

Clip 3: In Scrooge’s Office

Clip 4: The Door Knocker

Clip 5: The Appearance of Jacob Marley

Clip 6: The ghost of Christmas Present

Clip 7: The School House

Clip 8: The Fezziwig Christmas Ball

Clip 9: The End of the First Visitation

Clip 10: The Ghost of Christmas Present

Clip 11: The Cratchit Family

Clip 12: Fred’s Christmas Party

Clip 13: Ignorant and Want and the Ghost of Christmas Future

Clip 14: Old Joe’s Shop

Clip 15: The Cratchit’s mourning the loss of Tiny Tim

Clip 16:The Graveyard and Redemption

 Clip 17: The Gentlewomen and Fred’s Christmas Party

Clip 18: Scrooge’s Office and the Finale