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The quiz at the Colliton Club was a huge amount of fun, and thank you to everyone who came along, and especially Fran and Ann for providing the quizzes!

Below are a few updates to keep you posted:
  • Having had some really fun play readings for in the last few weeks, they will now be stopping until after Christmas, when the preparations for the Spring Production will start! This means there is no play reading next week (Wednesday 17th December).
  • Plans are in place for our (Post-)Christmas Meal at 7pm in the Engine Room in Poundbury on the Friday 9th January. We’ve been given a fantastic deal by Jess of two courses for £12 pp. Please reply by Friday 19th December to Fran Sansom (, with your answers. This is only open to members and their families, but members may bring a plus one.  And always remember you can pay your membership when you book a place.

We have made a call out for party pieces afterwards. If you have anything – a poem, song, sketch – tell Fran when you arrive at the dinner and we will put a programme order together on the night.

  • The official read through of the spring play will be happening on Wednesday 7th January. We are looking at a funny but poignant piece, looking at the generation divide, which will need four men and four women. Further details to be confirmed. these will be appearing on the website. Please invite anyone who you think may be interested, members and non-members!

Finally – I’ve produced a news letter for people that do not access to the Great WWW. It’s just a quick wind up of the news which appears on here, Facebook and Twitter, But I’d hate to leave anybody unable to get updates. – Check the Newsletter tab at the top of the page.