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Summer Social

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After last weeks workshop on ‘how to not act’ ( a lot harder than it sounds….), tonight we had our summer social evening.

An evening with a light buffet (mainly cakes, though thanks to Jonny for providing us with some salad so there was the odd vitamin) and home spun entertainment.

Alastair gave us a couple of his excellent monologues, complete with sound effects…WP_20150722_011

Billie gave us an alternative version of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’….WP_20150722_012

Colin and Jonny gave us ‘Fork Handles’…..WP_20150722_013

Anne opened a Fete for us, dripping with sarcastic wit….WP_20150722_014

Peter reviewed a very mediocre play brilliantly, delivering compliments which possibly showed that he’s had to do the same thing for real?WP_20150722_019

Maggie gave us the Family renowned version of the ‘Chubbly’ joke….WP_20150722_015WP_20150722_016

Andy gave us a version of some Hardy stripped to 30 seconds…WP_20150722_017

And Dee finished off with a demonstration on how to bake a cake, in true  Keith Floyd fashion, with liberal amounts of Chardonnay.WP_20150722_026 WP_20150722_025


A little improvised dance by Olivia in the middle and some more cake…..


Next week is the AGM at the Colliton Club. 7:30pm.

The committee will be looking for some more members to help support them over the next year. Please come along if you can. If you can spare some time to be on the committee, even better. We are looking for another secretary and treasurer, plus other members.

Remember, the group cannot run without your support.