Directed by Ian Farley & Lee Stroud

“Confusions” is a collection of interlinked but self-contained plays dealing with human loneliness and hypocrisy.

Mother Figure. Neglected by philandering traveller husband Harry, Lucy has ‘reverted’ to being a total mother figure. She has three small children, she is always in dressing-gown and slippers, and doesn’t answer the phone or doorbell. When neighbour Rosemary comes in through the back door to tell her that Harry has been trying to make contact, Lucy is unable to treat her as an adult.

Drinking Companion. Husband Harry tries to get young perfume demonstrator Paula up to his room. He succeeds in getting her tipsy, but the arrival of her more experienced friend Bernice puts paid to his pathetic seduction attempts.

Between Mouthfuls. In the same hotel dining-room, the conversations of two couples are overheard by the waiter. Mrs Pearce is convinced her husband Donald, just back from Italy on business, has been having an affair. At another table, out of their sight, sit Donalds’ s job-obsessed employee Martin and wife Polly. She is so infuriated at Martin’s lack of interest in her that she confesses her solo holiday was spent with boss Donald.

Gosforth’s Fete. Publican Gosforth is running the village gala. Due to a big mistake bad personal news from Milly Carter is publicised over the public-address system. Milly’s fiancé Stewart Stokes becomes extremely aggravated and drowns his sorrows with alcohol. Councillor Mrs Pearce, after the most disorganised greeting, is electrocuted by the PA system.

Thurs 17th ,Friday 18th and Saturday 19th November 2016.

Confusions - 2016