Dark Side of the Moor.

The local drama group are putting on Othello, and you are all invited to their big casting session.  The regular members are convening and they will be your hosts, offering conviviality, a light supper, and a chance to become part of their cosy little group.  The regular members have been together for years, some are even related, but how well do they actually know each other?  And how important is getting a good part; enough to provoke nasty bickering, enough to provoke murder?  Why don’t you come and find out.

“Dark Side of the Moor” is a murder mystery, written and performed by Dorchester Drama.  Come and test your powers of deduction, can you help the Inspector find out “whodunit”?

Dorchester Drama performed “Dark side of the Moor” on Friday 9th and Saturday 10th August 2019 at the Youth Association Hall, Lubbecke Way, Dorchester.