Video of the 2nd night of the production

July 2008 at the Roman Town House

Clip 1:

Antigone extract: King Creon’s proclamation about the fates of the two dead warriors, Eteocles and Polynices, the seed of the tragedy.

Clip 2:

Antigone extract: King Creon explains his condemnation of Antigone to death for giving funeral rites to her condemned brother Polynices against Creon’s will and argues with his son Haemon who is betrothed to Antigone’s.

Clip 3:

Antigone extract: Antigone’s farewell to the world in which she feels the horror of the death she faces, mourns the children she will never have and laments her father’s tragic influence on her fate.

Clip 4:

Antigone extract: Antigone, accepting her fate, makes her final declaration to King Creon.

Clip 5:

Antigone extract: The chorus circles to consider the fates of those whose deaths have passed into legend – the tabloid journals of ancient Greece.

Clip 6:

Antigone extract: Blind priest Teresius confronts and challenges King Creon and divines the future. Creon rejects Teresius’ divination. They argue. Teresius divines the terrible tragedy awaiting King Creon.

Clip 7:

A messenger brings news. The story of the dreadful happenings is told. Creon trys to save Antigone but arrives too late. She has hung herself. Haemon has tried to save her and Creon now tries to save Haemon. Haemon in grief tries to slay his father who flees distraught. Haemon then commits suicide. the whole tale unhinges his distraught mother, the Queen.

Clip 8:

Antigone extract: King Creon’s final despair at the death of his son. The moral of his tragedy is laid bare. But deeper than this he finally discovers his wife has also committed suicide in despair and all is lost for him.