Trap for a Lonely Man – Robert Thomas

Dorchester Drama will be proud to present ‘Trap For a Lonely Man’ by Robert Thomas.

A gripping psychological thriller set in a French alpine chalet. A man reports his wife’s disappearance to the police but soon a woman turns up, claiming to be his wife, and makes herself at home. He insists he has never met her, she seems to know all about him and has evidence to prove it. What is the explanation? As the plot twists and turns a conspiracy unfolds and the tension and mystery build to the final moments.

Performance of this play will be at the Dorchester Town Hall , High St East
Dorchester, Dorset, DT1 1HF

Thursday 30 July – Saturday 1 August 7.30pm plus Saturday matinee at 2.30pm.

Tickets will be available from the box office number, Dorchester TIC and on the website later.

Dr Faustus.

Another production completed and after four performances, four lots of audiences now know the risks of selling your soul to the devil.

Below are production pictures. If anyone has any more, and wnating them putting up, let me know.

Production photos

And finally an excellent review from Marion Cox and the Dorset Echo.



Corn Exchange, Dorchester

QUITE a lot to enjoy, that is what you get when you see Dorchester Drama’s latest production of a play that was written over 500 years ago by Christopher Marlowe but which has a surprisingly up to date story line.

Faustus is an academic who believes that, having learned all there is to know about the world, he needs to delve into the mysteries of magic spells and communicating with the dead.

Agreeing to sell his soul to the devil, he then changes his mind but things start to go awry and he winds up as the joker in the pack instead of the intellectual genius he believes himself to be.

Sam Kelly bravely takes on the dominant role of Faustus with a masterly performance in which he brings to the part the right combination of self aggrandisement and regret. As the devil’s demon Mephistophilis, Cassandra Grindley is both sexy and sensible as she acts as adviser and general factotum to Faustus.

Tom Horsington is suitably restrained as the servant and Martin Stephen is a surprisingly likeable Lucifer in a play with nearly 40 roles, all played with skill and dedication by the cast of 16 quick change actors who glide from being personification of the seven deadly sins to Henry V111 and from being royalty and the Pope to daft country folk.

Under the direction of Sean Colledge, the action ranges from committing self harm to riotous physical comedy , all performed with skill and taste in this fascinating play that nicely blends modernised text with passages in Latin, a challenge that the cast and crew cope with well.

For an amazing play that gives you plenty to think about, go along to the Corn Exchange where it continues until the end of the week with a matinee on Saturday.


Dark Side of the Moor – Photos

Our next production of Dr Faustus is coming along, cast have started rehearsing but offers to help with backstage work, props, costume etc. are still welcome. Who knows, you might end up on stage with a few lines or walk on part if you’re up for it as well.

In the meantime her are a few snaps from the Murder Mystery evening, ‘Dark side of the Moor’. They may look like your average social evening pics, but those lucky enough to see this production witnessed a grisly murder and try to identify the murderer from the motley gathering of the committee.

Apologies if you couldn’t get to see it, each night was sold out, but we may consider doing another in future.

DD News Update

While we wait for more news about the upcoming production, I’m pleased to announce a couple of events coming up to keep our thespians on their toes and their dramatic skills honed.

This coming Wednesday 29th May, we’re holding a theatre sports evening (anyone remember ‘Who’s line is it anyway’?) at Sunning hill community Hall, 7:30pm. Personally, I’m a big fan of improvisation and the skills it can give you in drama.

Aug 9th: ‘Dark Side of the Moor’ – a Murder Mystery evening complete with food. Youth Association Hall in Lubbecke Way, Dorchester. Come find out Who Dunnit. Details to follow.

Dorchester Drama Quiz Evening

Last Wednesday, our Chairman ran a quiz for us. A superb evening of random questions and quizzical things.

We also took the opportunity to invite Julias’ House along to present them with a cheque for money raised during ‘A Moment with Dickens’.

Team 5ers took the first prize, donating their winnings back into DD funds and the chocolates to the next committee meeting.