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The Trial – News

See below a message from our Director & Chairman.

“After having to sadly cancel half our run of Trap for a Lonely Man earlier in the year it saddens me to announce that due to unforeseen circumstances we have also had to cancel the upcoming production of “The Trial”.

I’d like to thank my wonderful cast for all of their time they’ve spent and hope we can show you what we’d achieved in the near future.

Refunds can be obtained via Dorchester Arts”

The unforeseen circumstances are mainly due to the lead character, Josef K, coming off his motorcycle and needing surgery on a broken hip, three weeks before the performance.

This is extremely annoying as he had learnt 99% of his lines and moves (Anyone who knows the play, will know that this is a huge amount of work) and, while he was willing to try to carry on while on crutches, this is actually quite a physical play. He gets thrown to the ground several times and it ruins the theatrical element if he then has to be helped up before being thrown down again…

Some might ask why don’t we use understudies, or someone else take over the role. We are a small amateur group and its a little unfair to ask anyone to put in a lot of extra work learning lines for a lead role that they are very unlikely to perform usually. And having the lead reading from a script is never going to give the audience the satisfying theatrical experience that we would like.

As the Director has said, we hope that we can return to this project and build on what we’ve already achieved, giving everyone a chance to show the results of our efforts to a standard that everyone expects from DD.