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Toad News

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Rehearsals are underway for Toad of Toad Hall, scheduled for November. Costume design is also well underway and we’ve got to set up a meeting for set design and lighting.

If you’re interested in helping out backstage, drop us  line. We can always use a few more weasels and stoats to plot against Toad.

Below are a selection of photos from the initial rehearsals, including Weasels and Stoats.

DSCF0596 DSCF0595 DSCF0593 DSCF0592 DSCF0610 DSCF0611 DSCF0590 DSCF0589 DSCF0609 DSCF0607 DSCF0606 DSCF0605 DSCF0602 DSCF0604 DSCF0603