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So it was you all along……….

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Cracking last night for the play. Thanks to everyone who came to see it and laughed in all the right places, and some of the wrong ones. Check out the gallery page for the latest photos.

Huge apologies to Dee Thorne, who we left off the programme and thankyou’s. She worked hard gathering costumes and, you know the knife that killed Penworthy, Yes, that was all Dee’s creation with some help from her husband. Sorry again. promise to do better in future.

So what now?. Well over the next few weeks and months we are running a few events. Keep an eye on the website, twitter and facebook for more updates. Dates below.

  • Play readings at Sunninghill Community Hall on Wednesdays at 7.30 pm.  Starting this week, Wednesday 26th November.  This isn’t a commitment to anything, it’s an evening out with some like-minded people, reading a few plays and enjoying a coffee.  We’d love to see you. Open to non members.
  • Christmas Fun and Games  at the Colliton Club.  Monday 8th December 7.00- 7.30pm start to be confirmed.  An evening of light-hearted competition and perhaps the odd bevvy.  All welcome, children, friends and non-members.  Come and join our pre-Christmas gathering. Have a go at a quiz or just come to catch up.
  • Christmas Meal.  Friday 9th January. Members only I’m afraid. OK so it’s a Post-Christmas Meal, but it’s going to be good. We are going to be at the Engine Room, Poundbury Garden Centre– just us, with Jess running the Bar.  This means, that as well as a great meal, we get to do what we want.  So dust off your party pieces, your favourite skit, the poem you learnt at school, get the kids to practise a song.  Of course, you can just come along, enjoy a meal and watch the rest of us have a go – if you want to!  Just come along, the more the merrier.  Further details to follow soon, but let us know if you’re interested.

Dress Rehearsal

Last night’s dress rehearsal was great fun.  A few photos below, more to follow.

Tonight is the opening night. “Break a leg” to all the actors. (If you’re not familiar with ‘acting’ terminology, this is not a disgruntled bad wish to players, but a wish of fair tidings, the ‘G.L’ phrase being considered bad luck by those that ‘tread the boards’.)

Plenty of tickets still available for tonight. They will be available on the door as well as from the booking number and Trinity stores.

Tomb with a View_Freda and Perry Tomb with a View_Emily Dora Lucian And Penworthy Tomb with a View_Dora and Lucien Tomb with a View_Penworthy and Lucien Tomb with a View_Marcus

Get In…..

Scenery is going up and lighting is being set.

An awful lot of very nice people have put an awful lot of very nice work into the last few days. We even managed to get a sort of rehearsal done last night, trying to squeeze behind the flats and through the doors, amidst periods of light testing ( which apparently means turning them all off occasionally).

Please come and support us, tickets are selling and we’d love to sell out.

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Also keep tuned for news of a couple of social events that are planned. These are planned for both members and non-members and will give you a chance to talk about what we do, if you don’t know…….