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Summer is Coming……

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Here is what Dorchester Drama is planning for the next few months.

 We have decided, after quite some discussion and consideration, not to pursue a Summer production, but instead to put our energies into play readings, workshops, and a social with, hopefully, bring and share food and performances.  We are thinking that all of these will best be carried out on our regular bookings at Sunninghill Community Hall– so Wednesday nights at 7.30 p.m. unless we let you know otherwise.

 There is lots going on outside DD for many of our members over the next few months, and time is getting short for a summer production, so we are going to concentrate on the social side of our group and have some fun.  We have been running regular play reading evenings alongside our rehearsals, since Christmas, and these have proved fun and popular.  Over the next couple of months we will add in some workshops including Stage Fighting and Improvisation,  and look towards both a big social gathering and the AGM in July.

 Please come and join us over the next few Wednesdays when we will be reading a bit more Ayckbourn (we had some fun with that this week), and Dee is putting together an “Introduction to the Riverbank” evening – I have no details but I suspect it is connected to our exciting upcoming Autumn production of “Toad of Toad Hall” – so be there!

A few of us intend to enter the carnival to promote DD and “Toad”.  We would love you to join us.  I am sure Dee will have ideas to help us out, but needs must, costumes will be simple – perhaps a whisker of face paint and a suggestion of ears.  Come on; Carnivals are Fun.

 Hope to see you all soon