And….. Curtain.

DD Hippy

And so it’s farewell to ‘Generations Apart’.  Well worth the efforts cast & crew put in producing a play that surprised many not familiar with Peter Gordon, the author.

Thanks to everyone that came to see it. If you missed it, it’s a shame. I’ll post up some pictures at the bottom of the page and hopefully be able to put up some key moments of the play in clip form.

And so we look forward to the Summer production. It’s a busy period for drama in Dorchester with ‘Daisy pulls it off’ coming to the end of their run and New Hardy Players production of ‘Return of the Native’ starting to gain a head of steamas well as anything else that other groups are doing. So DD are looking to do a series of short plays and monologues.

The next couple of weeks, 22nd & 29th April, we will be meeting at Sunninghill main hall /Trinity Parish centre (where we put on Generations apart) at 7:30pm to read through some scripts and get some ideas going.

This is an excellent chance for anybody to come along and say hello to the group and have a chat to see what we do. Please don’t be shy. There will be coffee, tea and maybe chocolate biscuits…..

image0011 DSCF4136 DSCF4135 DSCF4134 DSCF4130 DSCF4119 DSCF4106 DSCF4104

Cast crew  DSCF4143 DSCF4141 DSCF4139 DSCF4140

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